I got a couple of questions on how I made the carbon fiber panel I used in the Tricked Out Tribal Flames tutorial.

This is how it is done. All you need is 2 cans of Duplicolor(Black and Silver), a plexiglass panel, and some shelf liner.

I start out with a blank plexiglass panel. I left the protective film on the opposite side so it doesn't get scratched.

Then I take the shelf liner and place it over the panel. Then I spray my first color(Silver).

Give it 10 min to dry then take the shelf liner and shift it down and to the right a hair. This how you create a little bit of a drop shadow in the pattern. Then spray with the Black.

Let it dry for 10 min then remove the shelf liner.

Last step cover with Black. That's it. Pretty simple huh...

Turn it over and this is what you get.

This works ridiculously well. The reason it looks so good is because the plexiglass thickness looks like a really deep clearcoat.

Now you can use the panel for whatever. Cut it up and use it for modding or paint the clear side and have the carbon fiber as a background.