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Thread: Wooden Case looking for some ideas

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    Default Wooden Case looking for some ideas

    Looking for some helpful brainstorming ideas...

    Been thinking about building a case for a pc to go in the living room area of my house. I recently built part of a entertainment center and while I haven't finished it I know what it will end up like. Anyhow, I've been toying with the idea of building a media pc to hook into my living room surround sound system and also have it hook into the TV so I can use the PC like a Tevo to record shows and also play dvd/cds and maybe even the radio.

    Anyhow, I've not seen many wooden pc cases out there saw one once that was kind of a odd looking but I want something that looks good.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome. I'll see about posting a pic of the entertainment center as it stands now and what it will look like when I get done.

    Just looking for some ideas as atm as I'm still thinking about what I might do. It doesn't have to be wood but I thought it would be neat if I made it out of it as its something I know how to do well.
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    Default Re: Wooden Case looking for some ideas

    I guess you could use that as a beginning.

    With very basic woodworking skills you can construct something like that...
    I'm no carpenter, but there are very very easy-to-build designs out there, because wood is quite easy to work with.

    Just let your mind flow, and try drawing out what you want.


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    Default Re: Wooden Case looking for some ideas

    Since your building the entertainment center your self, why not just make it part of that??

    if you take one of the basic put it to gether yourself kits from sauder or o'brien you can use one of the side doors where the DVD/ Tapes could be stored. Just make sure you have good air flow.

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    Default Re: Wooden Case looking for some ideas

    Ok I think I know what I'm donig. Been looking around on Ebay and some other Estores and decided to go with something like a one of those newer old style radios with chrome dials and some kind of chrome faceplate.

    Going to have to google around for nobs and some kind of small display. Need to sit down and do some drawning. I also need to consider the box itself, sinces its going to be a media pc, I'm going to need, a solid sound card, a video card with some kind of auido out, and I'm thinking like a 250gb hard drive. I plan on it being wireless so it gets on my home network as well. Mmm.... I've never used a one of the small atx mobo's whats the pro's and con's of using one compared to a larger board or is there any?

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