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Thread: Galaxy II Liquid Cooling Good Cooler?

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    Default Galaxy II Liquid Cooling Good Cooler?

    Thinking of getting it to install in my nMEDIAPC HTPC 280BA case to cool my e6700.

    Any thoughts.
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    Default Re: Galaxy II Liquid Cooling Good Cooler?

    Wouldn't you want to get an external liquid cooler for a media pc case? Maybe something like the Corsair Nautilus? Just because of the size of most media pc's, externals are usually the choice to go with. It would be a pretty tight fit for an internal system... I would have to be right there next to the case to tell you if it would work or not. Well, you would also have to figure out how to mount the Radiator... seeing as you only have 60mm fans, it might be difficult unless you are up to mod your case.

    My verdict is save yourself a headache and get an external kit. Maybe find one that you can hide well if you don't like the look of an external system. I personally would love the bragging when one of my friends or family asked "Whats that!?".
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