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Thread: PC vs. Mac

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    I used to have the "mine is better" argument with my freind. He is a MAC-fanatic and Worships Apple.
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    (thanks Zappa)

    We stopped our pc/mac wars after one particular conversation that went basically like this;

    HIM: But my mac(xxx) is so much better because it can do this; (xxx).
    ME: I have no need for that feature, but my PC can (xxx).
    HIM: I really have no use for (xxx), but I never worry about virus's.
    ME: I use (insert favorite virus software here), so I never worry about virus' either, but my pc can be overclocked to run games better.
    HIM: I never play games and the speed of my computer is fine for programming (xxx).
    ME: I am not a programmer so that does not matter to me, but I can replace any part and choose from a HUGE selection of parts.
    HIM: I would never even want to open my computer so I don't need that ability, but I can burn disks and create movies right out of the box.
    ME: I don't mind installing software so no big deal if I have to buy Roxio, but it has more features than your burner.
    Etc, etc, etc...

    In the end it was not about the hardware at all, but what we did with it. His system works for him, mine works for me. That is all that mattered and once we both realized that, there was no "mine is better" argument anymore. Some people should not be allowed to open their systems or install any software on it, just like some people do not belong in the wilderness camping with the bears.
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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by Airbozo View Post
    . . . just like some people do not belong in the wilderness camping with the bears.
    Yeah well, those stupid kids that I rode home with need to go camp with some bears.

    My sister has a mac, and they really are very cool for some things. The only reason I do not like the company is because of the people who use it. Fanboys just drive me nuts. It's the same as when Halo fanboys try to convince me that it is the best game ever. I've played it, and it is mediocre. You will never get me to think otherwise. But they keep on talking.

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    Just a bunch of possible realistic Mac adds, the roommates and I might video some of these ideas:

    MAC: Hi I'm a Mac
    PC: and I'm a PC
    MAC: You know PC, I just read this magazine that says us Macs are useful with design and graphical projects.
    PC: Yeah great, 'us PC's' are being used by 90% of the world, especially the working world. Which means anything from hospitals, small businesses, large conglomerates, and the servers where data is stored.
    Mac: I have a Job! ... his name is Steve...

    PC: did you see my new video camera that I got, it's getting installed right now!
    MAC: Oh, uh yeah, that's great, I have that built-in.
    PC: oh right, the one you paid $4,000 dollars for.
    MAC: er, well the computer was a little pricey but-

    PC: would you like to meet my new security guy?
    SECURITY: You have submitted a response to Mac cancel or allow?
    PC: allow.
    MAC: who's that annoying dude?
    SECURITY: Mac has asked a question, cancel or allow?
    PC: allow, that's my virus protection for Vista
    MAC: annoying much?
    *other person enters the room with a knife*
    VIRUS: .. well hello PC, time for our usual meeting?
    SECURITY: sorry I can't allow that, how about this guy?
    *points to MAC*
    VIRUS: oh, hey wanna hang out?
    MAC: is that a knife?
    *major stabbing*
    PC: hrm, idk I kinda like it.
    *virus leaves*

    MAC: Dude, I'm bleeding profusely, can you help or somethin'?
    PC: Just reformat? I'm gonna go get my DX10 card installed
    *Mac is shot in the face by a new Mac*
    MAC2: Hi I'm a Mac.
    PC: what happened to him?
    MAC2: Idk what you're talking about.
    PC: Mac, I went away to get my new video card installed, now he's dead, what did you do?
    MAC2: Oh well.. he had a virus, plus you got DX10, so I had to get some upgrades too.
    PC: Uh, yeah, just go get a new video card, mobo, or CPU, and slap it in right?
    MAC2: I don't think you understand how us Mac's work. We do not allow inferior old parts to even inhabit the same space that new parts do, unless they are bought that way.
    PC: Ah, so no upgrades?
    MAC2: Oh what, you can't afford another $4000 computer?
    PC: I'm gonna go play some steam games.
    MAC2: Is that like Diablo? or superbreakout?
    PC: *sigh*

    Hope you enjoyed, not that I hate Macs. They're pretty nice for video editing, and 3d animating but nothing an overclocked PC can do... and in less time...

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    The commercial where the PC is getting upgrades to handle vista is dumb because the MAC implies that it never needs upgrades. Really? Do you think I could sue for false advertising if I try to install OSX onto one of these?

    Or how about one of these? This one at least had games.

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    You'd be surprised what you can get OSX to run on. I'm not a Mac fanboy, but I do own a mac, and I do love it, mind you I also happen to own several PCs, two of which I use daily, one of them I built. The argument mac vs pc is annoying, each system has different uses, different pros/cons, and different buyers. Some of the pros for each system are also cons, such as Mac's hardware is thoroughly tested and runs perfect with the software, well that means you can't easily upgrade certain parts (ram, hdd easy to add/replace). The debate that goes on is stupid, fanboys are annoying, and absolutely biased.

    My roommate hates Macs, I have one in our dorm, he hates it with a passion. I asked him why he hated it, and he could NOT give me an explanation that made any sense, he uses them at work, and he argued about language configurations for word, I'm sitting there thinking dude, you can get word on a mac, and it has everything word 2003 has (whatever ver. was the latest before 07). (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use word anymore, and its been a couple of years). That's what I run into whenever I hear somebody complaining about Mac, they pick out one thing and go at it with passion, completely ignoring the other problems in both systems.

    The problem you run into with the standard PC vs Mac argument is opinion, and personal preference. PERSONAL PREFERENCE PEOPLE!!!!! This argument should not take place, each person is different, and wants different things out of their machine, leave it at that!

    Ya you got this forum, who absolutely loves to tinker, I visit another forum that I linked in a macbook thread here, that loves macs. Over here I get mac bashings (no offense to anyone) and over there I get PC bashings, it's annoying. So you have a couple of problems with a system, stop and think for a second, have you not encountered problems with your preferred OS, but easily shrug them off, and if you encounter a problem with the other one, then what? do you shrug it off? or make it the center of your next argument against said OS.

    Ok, so heres the end of my little rantings, and the beginning of some cold hard facts..

    Pro's- Customize, lots of products (software and hardware), flexible, universal, controls 90% of market (yes Mac went up from the 6% everyone thinks, its now at about 7-9%)
    Con's- that 90% control creates viruses (the reason Mac is so secure is because of how little of the market they control), stability (not an issue for some but...) product support (hardware, and Vista)
    Pro's- stability, lack of viruses, updates (10.4.9=free, SP=$$) software, seamless performance, media support
    Con's- lack of customization (can only do so much), release schedule (behind in the tech front, new hardware needs to be tested and supported before it can be released into the apple market), etc

    *Note- I have had my Mac crash on me, so its not 100% stable, and it was my fault all of the time, however I have not had an unexplained crash in Mac yet, whereas I have too many times in windows.
    *Note#2- I use both platforms and like both platforms, however I DO NOT like either company behind both platforms.

    Each platform is used for something different, and should (note the SHOULD) be able to live side by side.

    Well, I could go on and on, but its 6:40 in the morning, on a sunday, and I'm a college student, I'm going to go back to bed before I piss somebody off, if I'm too late I really am sorry, its only about opinion and personal preference (ya I say that a lot :p ).
    Have a good day
    Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
    -Mark Twain

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    I'm a systems engineer at a data center for a major university and I worked at our Help Desk (aka virus front lines) for two years beforehand.

    We require students to buy PCs though a PC initiative when they enroll, some have the option to buy a Mac (around 10% or so) and we actually have a higher percentage of Macs/user with a Mac than our PCs/users with PCs come in for repairs. This does include software or hardware work. Out of 20k students with PCs it is normally around 2000 services per semester and out of 1500 Macs we normally see about 210 repairs. So around 4% more, this is not that much considering the much smaller sample.

    I don't understand the stability issue Mac people complain about in PCs...
    OES and BSD boxes have large up times >= Mac XserversÖ (should be called iServer if you ask me )

    ESP Windows, I've never have stability problems with windows since I actually learned how it works (IE greater than a power user) and became picky on which software I install. I setup test platforms for software and read EULA's before installing software to see what else it installs, at home and at work.

    Most windows problems are caused by 3rd party software. Improperly written drivers or programs can cause problems in any operating system. Itís easy to cause problems just malloc (or calloc) a bunch of ram in a C program then donít free it (IE memory leak) and itíll crash. Change some unprotected (or protected if you can) operating system memory = crash, even in Linux.

    I've never had a virus, only had a Blue screen problem once due to my mouse firmware. Windows didnít like the 2000DPI@1000Hz with an nForce4 SLI 16x chipset for some reason. See this was a 3rd party software problemÖ

    I do use updated virus scanning software, I also use FireFox in place of IE, live settings monitors, & firewalls of the hardware and software persuasion.

    Now looking at some of our servers at work; I'll agree that the Win2k3 boxes have smaller up times than some of our Linux boxes, yet they aren't that much different. Microsoft releases Windows patches every 2nd Tuesday and most of them require reboots. These reboots are the biggest inhibitor of uptime for Windows.

    I'll agree if I look at Linux up times are normally longer between reboots than Windows but there are still patches which require reboots in Linux. Linux updates normally come out when they are patched and longer average time between updates. If you edit your kernel source and recompile it you sure can crash Linux just as easy as windowsÖ

    These updates are a GOOD thing though, without them there are security holes in your network. So system uptime isn't anything to be proud of, I don't get why people think this is important at all. ESP with most systems running server clusters it doesn't hinder service to bad to reboot them one at a time. And it is even easier when youíre running such as VMware inside a cluster. Though even VMware has patches and upgrades that require hardware reboots...

    Macs poking fun of PCs for having viruses is useless, Linux has little viruses (prob as few or less than Mac) yet run on the same PC platform.

    Also isnít Macís OS X based off BSD anyhow?
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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    Excellent points Gutte. It's truly amazing that windows runs at all considering the the vast amount of apps you can throw at it. People don't even consider that it's just staggering what these machines will put up with and run just fine.

    For me its all about versatility. I'd like to see a Mac batch process video clips while simultaneously running a game in a window.
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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    Quick question Guttenaffe, how many of the Mac users there have used a mac before? That could be one of the reasons you get a higher percentage of repairs. I know when I first got my mac, I had no idea what would cause it to have problems, therefore I ran into a couple more than I do now. Same thing happened when I first started using windows, (way way way back when) I had no idea what could cause it to crash, so I encountered the blue screen a bunch when I started, now I rarely run into a problem.
    Another quick question, about 10% of the students there get macs, now how much experience due they have compared to their PC counterparts, I bet most of the people running PC's there now the basics (like how to fix problem X, or at least how to avoid problem X). That could very well be a reason that you encounter less is because the PC user base there has more experience on their own machines.

    BTW my update example was wrong, sry bout that.

    P.S. If I am completely wrong, PLEASE say so (in any of my posts on this site).
    Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    I prefer Windows, but that doesn't mean i have anything against macs. Macs are great. The only thing i hate about Macs is whinny little bitch fanboys. I'm not saying that Windows fanboys are much better, but for some reason, Mac fanboys always come across as really arrogant and ill-informed to me, which pisses me off. The main reason is that, despite all the Mac's actual advantages, they continually profess either stupid little things or flat out lies as the 'reason that Macs are better'. I think you know what i mean.

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    Default Re: PC vs. Mac

    Take Diggnation for example. Alex was showing a cool new vista feature to Kevin and what did Kevin say? Yea, macs can do that too! Which was an absolute lie as we later found out! Ha!

    lol I love those two guys, they are hilarious.

    Btw, did you guys know that vista has an option where you can control the sound volume of each and like every individual application? THATS COOL! No more listening to music and having stupid talking web banners or IM notifications interrupt your song.
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