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Thread: Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

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    Default Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

    I was surprised by this case. Many of you hear Raidmax and think, 'gross'. Some of their cases look cheap, and when compates to Lian Li, Thermal Take, or ASUS they don't really compete.

    Not True.

    I was genuinely impressed by a Raidmax, specifically the Smilodon! Link


    The main reasons why I bought this case:
    A) My last case was acrylic, and things got hot!
    B) The unique idea for the mobo tray, putting together the computer was a snap, literally!
    C) It's an almost tool-less design.
    D) You can't see it but there are 4 or 5 slots at the bottom of the case for HD's, perfect for a server, they swivel so that you can slot the drives in, and then swivel the tray back in. You can also attatch a fan to cool them.
    E) The case door is nice and sturdy looking; and it is sturdy in practice!
    F) Big window with a safety bar, great for logos.
    G) Black and Blue design basically matches my whole comp setup.
    H) I could really go on for a while...

    The case comes with 2 80mm fans, and 1 120mm fan. Nice little addition there...

    Anyways, after I get a good digital camera I'm going to review this product for real, showing you every nook and cranny this case has.

    I bought the case for under $100, and It's definitely worth more like $200.
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    Default Re: Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

    That looks pretty nice, but why the hell does it have Dirk-Tooth written on the side?

    Quote Originally Posted by jdbnsn
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    Did I just get in a Volvo? Volvo's don't have guns!

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    Default Re: Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

    Can you stand on it?

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    Default Re: Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveW View Post
    That looks pretty nice, but why the hell does it have Dirk-Tooth written on the side?

    Smilodon isn't just a computer you know! It's also a ridiculous name for a Saber Tooth Tiger. Dirk Tooth means... um... actually I am not sure. I think it was some kind of name for some new fossils that a few scientists found awhile back. This is all I could really pull up to explain it...

    1) Dirk-tooth -- two long, narrow upper canine teeth and short legs, "built like a bear."
    2) Scimitar-tooth -- two shorter, broader upper canines and long legs "built like a cheetah."

    I think the Dirk Tooth was native to where I live now... but I am not sure and can't confirm that. I haven't a clue on the where abouts of the Scimitar Tooth.

    Basically... Raidmax is a tard. I don't see how this case resembles anything that I just said. But I kind of like it still... I would like it more if a modder made it and not a company though.

    This video persuaded me, otherwise I would of said it was ugly.

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    Default Re: Smilodon ..yes by Raidmax

    Yeah the case is named after a saber tooth. I don't really care for the logos and lettering, but if I ever mod thise case I'm going to put in my logos and words.

    The holding bar is perfect for sponsor names/whatever your computer's name is. If your computer doesn't have a name you must name it now!

    I'm dead serious.

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