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Thread: Farewell to Pimped Out Cases

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    Default Farewell to Pimped Out Cases

    Written by Terry Stern
    Edit: Paul Capello

    As many of you may or may not know, has closed its virtual doors to the mod world, and as they do we take a moment to say goodbye to an old friend.

    Several years ago when I first saw a computer case mod on the front page of a website I was immediately intrigued, and even more so when I clicked on the image link and was whisked away to an incredible world; a place where people fused their creativity, imaginations and a good deal of elbow grease to trick out their personal computers. Needless to say these incredible rigs were quite an inspiration for me, as were the people behind the scenes at At the time I figured this was a fad – just a small group of hobbyists transforming their beige box of parts into something a little more pleasing to the eye. Little did I know the impact this group of people would have on personal computing over the next several years.

    The “mod’n world” would be quite different today without people like Jason and Chris, the founders of Pimpedoutcases. These two had the foresight to realize that this was the start of something big, and dedicated themselves to building a virtual showplace where these creations could be shown off and discussed with the community. Transparent cases, UV and neon case lighting, windows, polished aluminium fans, front panel devices and much more were all inspired by the creations found on websites like

    As the modding community began to grow, Pimpedoutcases became a popular hotspot for checking out some of the coolest looking PC’s on the scene. They were also a respected information resource for anyone looking to get into modding. They helped bring forward and develop a large community of budding case modders, and to this day many of them continue to bring us some of the most amazing PC creations.

    Today we say goodbye to an old friend and look ahead to making new ones. As those who founded go forward now after college we here at have picked up the torch they helped to light and hold it proudly by keeping the domain alive and redirecting it here. The face may have changed but both the name and spirit will remain; a place where we can be inspired to let our imaginations loose and pimp out our cases.

    The TBCS crew wish Jason and Chris the very best life has to offer as they head out on the road to seek out new adventures

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    Default Re: Farewell to Pimped Out Cases

    Yea, I had been a POC member for quite a long time. Was a good gang of regulars that hung around there. I was there since ~2001/2002, I can't remember really, it was the only place where you could find me.

    I don't have the ability to keep up in more than one forum at the same time.
    After I saw Crimson on G4/TechTV ATOS one day in March, and remembered Crimson from when he posted pics of his Matrix mod at

    I also remembered looking at TBCS from back then before that mouse mod how-to was posted online, I think there was an image placeholder and a coming soon sign. I also seem to remember a post by Crimson at POC when it was posted online.

    Back to ATOS, I heard Crimson said that TBCS just started some forums and so I logged in here and been following this forum every so often. I'm glad that I found a new home here and hope that you enjoy having me here as much as I like being here and that I've been as helpful to people as I can be.
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    Default Re: Farewell to Pimped Out Cases

    that was a great site. I got a lot of inspiration for a lot of different projects and great advise when i first started modding. I am sad to see them go. I would like to say thanks for the great site and it will be missed.

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