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    Question Media Centre Pc

    Hey All,
    I am not new to PcBuilding, in fact I run my own business in the industry (mostly SEO and Marketing these days, but I do offer the entire package inc. video and photography (through my wife).

    But I am starting a fun little project on the side and I am not sure where to begin.

    I know there is the LinuxPi and Arduino boards available on the market today, I am wondering if there is anything similar to these products available?

    Reason I ask? I am attempting to build or 'start' the build of a media center system. Set for wireless streaming from my central pc/server in my office (adjacent the dinning-room, lol).

    if they are the only two micro/mini boards available, do you happen to know of any tutorials present that would fit the bill?

    Failing that, ill just splice the Xbox one and a pc into 1 neat minimalist case with 'green-led glow' (fav color 'green').

    Thank you all,

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    Default Re: Media Centre Pc

    Welcome to the forums!

    I am not sure about the other 2 options, but I have recently been playing around with an Intel NUC and so far I love it. I am planning on testing the media functions in a couple of weeks (as soon as I get some time for it).

    You can buy full systems or individual kits that you need to add memory and an mSATA card as well as a wireless adapter, but it does have a built in network port.

    Check it out here:

    Gigabyte also sells a bunch of BRIX models based on the NUC and they used to have an AMD based model, but I can't seem to find it right now. I particularly like the BRIX projector model.
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