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    Default Project: Fan Job

    First work log ever with all just cell phone pics!

    So I'm setting up my modding space in the garage at my new home. In order to make this space useable I first have to put up my motherboard wall.

    As I'm working on this I start to get really hot. I look around at all my computers surrounding me and I'm seeing fans in all of them, but yet there's not a floor fan or ceiling fan for me. I don't have any of our floor fans at the new house yet and it's midnight, so I'm not going shopping for one.

    I have no idea how to add a ceiling fan in my garage, but can I build one? I mean, I'm surrounded by fans? So I get out four 200mm Cooler Master Fans.

    Then I position them so all the wires are in the center and I begin to tie up the cabling every few inches. I then pull out a couple of 90 degree bars and a flat one too

    I start cutting them working the pieces into a frame

    Each corner gets one screw and nut to keep them in place

    Back to the wiring. I need to adapt these four three pin connections to molex's.

    Then I need to add splitters to make two connectors into one. There's four fans, so I need two splitters which leaves me with two molex's. So I adapt it again into just one molex connection for the PSU. This adaptation has helped give me the cord length I'm going to need.

    Now that I have the right cord length, I add the flat bar on top to keep it all contained.

    I'll be using a heavier chain to keep the fans from making the frame sway. Once they're cut to the right length I add hooks to the ends

    It's nearly one in the morning and I'm getting beat, but luckily Yoshi is here to keep my spirits up

    I then drill out holes in each of the four corners for the chains to loop into

    To power the fans I use an old power supply that has been jumpered via internal soldering so it fires up without a motherboard. I have it resting on an ISA card that is inserted into one of the old motherboards on the wall

    The chains to the fan are each added to a master hook in the ceiling and it works!

    Now I'm feeling a lot cooler to finish my motherboard wall just after 2 a.m.

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    Default Re: Project: Fan Job

    Sick. I love it. You should disguise an actual functioning system among the boards on your wall. I love the idea of the plug in custom shelving though.
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    Default Re: Project: Fan Job

    Keeps you cool and adds a nice glow as a bonus.
    Quote Originally Posted by SXRguyinMA View Post
    Now, off to the basement to do some fiddling with the rods and such.
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    Default Re: Project: Fan Job

    Nice to see you won't be a total stranger while moving in to your new home. That's a nice looking workspace. Hopefully you'll be able to do more builds in the future (not that you aren't prolific as it is.)

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    Default Re: Project: Fan Job

    OK, I love the blue glow of your ceiling fan.

    But more importantly, I didn't know yoshi was a little shih tzu. He is just so adorable!

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    Default Re: Project: Fan Job

    One of the Coolest things I've seen on here in awhile.

    The fact you've got expantion cards plugged into some of the sockets on the boards is freggin' hilarious, I hope you could make some sort of socket shelves for various neat things some day =)

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