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Thread: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by msmrx57 View Post
    Beautiful work! That "rust" paracord looks like a perfect accent color.
    Thanks man, I was thinking the same thing, I think it will work since there won't be a lot of it

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Where'd you get those little brass press in inserts? I've been trying to find those for a while.
    I have a hammer! I can put things together! I can knock things apart! I can alter my environment at will and make an incredible din all the while! -Calvin

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by TLHarrell View Post
    Where'd you get those little brass press in inserts? I've been trying to find those for a while.
    They are from McMaster Carr. They have every insert you can think of =D

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Hey there everyone! Very exciting news for the build, Swiftech has jumped on board and sponsored the build with the rest of the watercooling parts I needed!

    Very excited, things are just getting better and better! Now I can afford to put 2x 780s in the build and I will cool them with the Komodo blocks!

    I delayed the update 2 days waiting on some parts to arrive to photo out and add into the update. I Also recieved my prizes from my article in Custom PC magazine, one of those prizes being 2x 256gb solid state drives from Corsair, which I will be using in this build in Raid 0.

    Another item in is my Asus z97 Sabertooth board which is absolutely awesome! I wanted a solid motherboard that is good for modding and this one is the best of both worlds! The main modding I did was on my power supply for this update, my case is tore down and I am doing another round of details as I build it up, so the next update will be a lot of that.

    Before I get ahead of myself lets start the update! First thing first thank you very much to all of my sponsors, you guys are awesome! Very grateful to be where I am today!

    Okay here are the parts that came in Ill start with the Swiftech goodies!

    First the radiators, a dual and triple 120mm. The dual is for the front under the bay waterfall and the triple is for the ceiling exhaust. These will be painted copper.

    Next up is this beautiful CPU block, the Apogee XL, right now this has got to be the best looking CPU block on the market, that is my opinion. I chose the clear acrylic, and Ill be modding it white and copper with the white LED.

    Love this =D

    Now the new Komodo-NV GPU blocks! These boys are very clean with an industrial feel! There is an LED panel inside with removable filters for the colors. I didnt mess with that yet, I will have in depth more detailed photos of the hardware again when I do the modding on all of it.

    The backplate, another toy to mod!

    Next up is the pump! I am using the MCP35x2. Its the PWM double DDC, I figured I need at least 2 pumps for good flow through all the hardware and through 2 waterfalls. Also I got the heat sink just incase.

    Then I threw on some pf the Primochill revolvers and took some group photos. SEXY! lol yeah modders like myself are weirdos and find hardware attractive haha!

    Alright thats all the parts from Swiftech for now, I took a couple shots of the solid states from Corsair.

    Alright up next the Asus Z97 Sabertooth! Very rugged PC board, when they say its TUF they mean it!! Just holding it it feels more sturdy than other motherboards that feel fragile when holding it.

    Here I held the board up on my IO panel I made.

    Okay now that you were properly introduced to the goodies on to the modding of the update! I did quite a bit of work on the Cooler Master V750 Semi-modular Gold Rated power supply. Not only did I paint it to the theme, I also cut the GPU power cable daisy chain jumper off and spliced the cables inside the power supply creating 4 independent 8-pin GPU power plugs.

    First up some sleeving.

    Okay here I separated the GPU wires, cut them off, cut them in half, and resoldered them on 2 per lead.

    This is what I ended up with.

    Then I cut the switch cables and power receptacle cables, removed the board and the switches from the case to paint.

    Primed and painted the shell starting with the top.

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    I LOVE how the top worked out!

    The bottom I had to open the wire hole.

    Then painted and reinstalled the plug and switch.

    Now the finishing touch is the new V750 on the side since I painted over the original. I cut it out with the scroll saw on 1/16" aluminum.

    After filing it down I painted it copper, and glued it on the side, now the PSU mod is complete and I think it lokos pretty damn good. I got a couple paint smudges but I have touch up paint to cover up and you can barely tell. The side of the PSU with the V750 on it will be seen through a clear acrylic window in the bottom case middle panel.

    Well that is all I have for this update! I am days away from finishing my CNC which has been stealing a little modding time from me. I need to install my limit switches, bolt down the table top, fill the spindle loop, and wire the spindle and I should be wrapped up on that for the time being and I can go full blast on this Cyprus build. Glad to finish as there are some cool ideas I have for this build that I can make on the CNC. Also don't forget catch daily updates on my Facebook page Clockwerk Case Mods if you would like. I Share my daily work there and recently started taking a couple daily modding photos and sharing them on Instagram, my handle is orangeclockwerk on instagram. I am also trying to get things going on Twitter where I also go by @OrangeClockwerk. Well thats all now! Until next time, you know where to find me!

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    Default [Cyprus 29] CM HAF Stacker : Update : July 28th :Copper Modding! CNC time!!

    Hey guys!! Another forum update! I stretched a little long this time to make sure I had solid content as I have been working hard to finish up the CNC and it is now finally cutting after 6 months! Here is the first test cut with a engraving bit!

    I am very excited to say the least! I didnt plan to have this ready for the completion of Cyprus29 so now I get to add a layer of CNCed details to the case! Its going to be awesome! I can now retire the router table, Its got me through to this point and helped me create some awesome stuff by hand. Ill probably still use it here and there though.

    Anyways more goodies from the CNC in the next update! Lets get on with this one!

    First a quick shout to my sponsors you guys rock! I have a Primochill hardline tubing jig on the way for my bends I cant wait to use it I have seen it work wonder!

    This update is primarily painting. I first repainted the MNPCtech billet fan ring.

    The I took all the sexy Swiftech gear and modded it to theme. I have to mod my pump and a GPU block yet but the first GPU block and the CPU block came out fantastic.

    I built up the pump and I am going to add a fan to the heatsink and a frame around the base.

    The first parts to catch paint were the radiators.

    They came out super clean!

    Next up to the plate was the Apogee XK Cpu waterblock.

    I drilled out the plugs for the mod plate and tapped them to M3. I dont recommend this if you aren't confident in yourself, one slip and you pop right into the center of the block and its ruined! Luckily I made it out alive =D

    Then I broke it down for paint.

    I also sleeved the power cable for the led boards with the Mod/Smart Maxcord.

    I was happy with the turn out! I'm going to use the CNC to mill a cut out in the top panel and paint it copper so white light shines through.

    Next up is the GPU block! First was the tear down process. These are some hardcore water blocks, not the standard 2 layer block there is about 5 or 6 haha.

    Okay after that process it was time for paint!

    Here I drilled out for M3 screws again from the little philips that come with it, then counter sunk this plate.

    Back to paint!

    Here is another screw replacement for m3 for the Gpu logo plate. =D

    Now back to paint haha!

    Last up for paint was the back plate.

    After everything was painted I reassembled it and holy crap! They don't even look like the same waterblocks!!! I also switched out the black alloy screws for stainless steel screws, I think they matched better. I Can't wait to get these on some 780's and in the build!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Hard to top those blocks but I want to show you the painted reservoir really quick! I got the bottom one in primer, the top one is complete and ready for install though and thats what I want to show. The reason I painted after glueing it on is that the weld-on glue is very strong and would smear the paint right off.

    It was a real paint to mask off inside the pocket the trim created but well worth it in the end!

    Well that wraps up another forum update don't forget you can catch daily updates and CNC work at my Facebook page Clockwerk Case Mods! Thanks for watching!!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    This is soooo sweet!

    Love the color combo in this!
    "...Dumb all over, A little ugly on the side... "...Frank Zappa...

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Quote Originally Posted by Airbozo View Post
    This is soooo sweet!

    Love the color combo in this!
    Thanks! I am very happy I went with this color theme, I really like it, its also been quite popular and a lot of others like it as well =D

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    That block does look like a completely different block, the paint looks amazing on it with the contrasts between the white and copper.

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