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    I don't want to get into any gray area here, so I'll say that I own a lot of Gamecube games and you can rip them with the right DVD drive. I've just never done it until recently.

    So, I have these Gamecube rips and Gamecube USB converter and I played some games using Dolphin today.

    Holy cow! Dolphin is amazing! It's incredible just how much better even games from 2002 look when you run them at a higher resolution and turn on AA and other eye candy. Sure the textures are fairly low resolution, but it just looks incredible compared to how I remember it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post my excitement. It's pretty awesome.

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    Default Re: Dolphin Emulator

    What's this Dolphin you speak of? never heard of it and I'm too lazy to google it.
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    Default Re: Dolphin Emulator

    It's an opensource GameCube/Wii emulator.
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    Dolphin was actually the codename/original name for the Gamecube, if you check the model numbers from the bottom it should be something like DOL-101.

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