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Thread: Antifreeze and it's side effects

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    Default Antifreeze and it's side effects

    I'm working on my 2nd wc setup and I was wondering, instead of distilled water with some chemical products to remove algae, rust, etc. What about using straight antifreeze? Would there be any complications that I can't see off hand?
    Erosion? Reactivity?

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    Default Re: Antifreeze and it's side effects

    I think if you read any antifreeze instructions you see that you don't use it straight. For computer cooling you should try an 6% solution.

    Instead of antifreeze you might want to look into non-conductive solutions like Primochill PCIce or Fluid XP. Pimp rig has a write up on Fluid XP and a review here on Primochill PCIce I haven't read that one yet just found it quick. I think there are better solutions aside from antifreeze. Unless you are really strapped for cash.

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