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Thread: 10w Led HELP!!

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    Default 10w Led HELP!!

    Hey all, I've been having a hard time trying to find the answer for my question...

    I have a Mean Well LPC-60-1050 driver and was hoping to run three 10w LED's per driver. Can anyone suggest otherwise? I'll post the specs below.



    Lens Colour : Water Clear
    Emitted Color: Cool white
    Color Temp: 20000K
    DC Forward Voltage (VF) : 9-12V DC
    DC Forward Current (IF) : 1000mA
    Intensity Luminous: 800-900Lm
    Viewing Angle: 140-160
    Reserve Voltage (VR): 5V
    Operating Temperature : -30~110C
    Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 120C
    Manual Soldering Time at 260C: < 5 Sec
    Reverse Current (uA) : <= 50
    Weight: 6g
    Dimensions: 2.9cm*2cm
    Long Operation Life : 50,000~80,000Hrs

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    Default Re: 10w Led HELP!!

    Hey, welcome to TBCS!

    LED drivers work opposite of normal PSUs. Instead of a fixed voltage, LED drivers have a variable voltage and fixed current. Yours is fixed slightly higher than the forward current of one of your LEDs. So, it will run one of them but not 2 or more at once. Your particular driver was intended to drive much lower power LEDs.
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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    Default Re: 10w Led HELP!!

    These drivers can handle fourteen 5w led's "under powered" running about 3 watts piece with Cree's that are 1500ma and these 10w are 1000ma. So I'd be pushing around 12 watts a piece but I should have acquit cooling.

    Technically speaking shouldn't this driver handle about 40watts @ 1050ma? These are spec's from RapidLED so correct me if I'm wrong.

    Couldn't I run two 10w in parallel and drop the current to 525ma? And be safe within the specs of the driver and LED.

    Its been quite difficult trying to get a straight answer about this, Here is a youtube video with 3 of these led's with the same driver and these are in series?????

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