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    so i currently have a project i want to do, this is because i need to learn C at some point, the only way i'll learn it is with a project that i really want.

    basically i want to make something like the strike 7's display. while i can do most of the hardware, there is one bit i have no clue about, this being the screen. (the code will start of simply and get more and more complex to finally display what i want it to)
    the screen i'm looking at using is
    (more likely the first tho)

    now looking though the data sheet (http://docs-europe.electrocomponents...6b8107926c.pdf), i have no clue about the interface it uses.

    it seems to say an parallel interface or an 16 bit data bus, however like i said i have no clue what they are? could someone point me in the right direction, this is something i really want to see made a reality.

    (this seems to show something like a sheild behind it, do i need one of them?

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    Welcome to TBCS!
    Wow! I have no idea about any of this either but it's cool. I'll help you out by posting this pointless comment to bump you back to the top.
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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    Default Re: moding help

    If I follow what you are asking can use C to do all you want to do..

    A parallel interface is used to connect to the microcontroller which in turn connects to the LCM (also known to laymen as LCD dot matrix display).

    Good place to start is to go visit the atmel site, has tons of stuff on programming microcontrollers, and not just using C. This link will take you to a page where it talks about 8-bit programming and microcontrollers.

    Here's another link that gives you examples of code and how it can be written to display,63

    In the first picture, if you see below the LCD, there is a microcontroller which connects to a parallel want to research for some more stuff on parallel interfaces to connect to a microcontroller and to your pc.

    Last but not least GIYF

    Good luck!
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