By Cale Hagan

In the last few years, many individuals looking to spice up their computers or consoles have made the choice to do steampunk styled case mods. Steampunk is a style that can be very appealing to the eye, but requires a certain reservation when it comes to additions of copper and other pieces. ArgOsís SteamPlanet case mod finds the beautiful middle ground to steampunk design.

ArgOs started with a detailed sketch of where he wanted to be with his mod when finished. Once all the extra baubles were where he wanted them on paper, he began.

With his design perfected, he set to the task of making his art come to life. ArgOs started with a basic Sentey case, stripping it and prepping the case for modification. After stripping the case, he checked to see that the pieces he was not fabricating himself would fit according to his sketch.

As with any proper modder, he measures twice, and cuts once, with aid of a full sized paper side panel mock up. A lot of the pieces on SteamPlanet were hand made, and as such required a fair amount of time to perfect.

Once ArgOs has all his pieces fabricated, he has them painted and pieced together according to his sketch up in an artful fashion. The result is one of the most amazingly crafted steampunk case mods TBCS has seen in recent history.

ArgOs is still working on finishing up the detail work, and as such it is still a work in progress but for the most part, this is done. View his full work log here, and give ArgOs some much deserved kudos!