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Thread: got my dremel today!!

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    Default got my dremel today!!


    id been planning to get one of those cheap tool shop roatary sets (they are like 20 bucks at menards). but i got 85 bucks for graduation money (going to hs, woot). so i decided to get the Dremel 300, i didnt feel like dishin out for the XPR (i might some other time ). Im still learning how to use it (i just NOW, after 12 hours of owning it, realized how to put on the cutting wheels ((with the little screw thing, LOL)). It came with a little flexi light, and i think next im gonna buy the flexi dremel attachment (for window etching, and birdhouses )


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    Default Re: got my dremel today!!

    and congratz on graduating H.S.

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