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Thread: Modding: Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Kier

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    Default Modding: Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Kier

    By jdbnsn

    Combine a Chinese stock case, heavy sponsored hardware, a Dutch artist, dab of elbow grease and a whole lot of vision and what do you get?

    Meet kier, if you haven't already. He is building a rather respectable repertoire of eye candy mods and this aptly named Silverstone TJ11 Carbon.

    Kier has a keen eye for contrast and a very sleek style regarding his layout. Some damn nice components doesn't ding his score much either.

    So when he saw this case "calling to him" for a robust facelift sleeves were rolled, Dremels were spun, metal was ground, and the Dutch had fun.

    Starting of course with the Silverstone TJ11 he loaded it with a Coolermaster 1200w power supply, EVGA Classsified E759 main board, i7 930 CPU, and three (you heard me) GTX 480 graphics cards. Topped off with very elegantly sleeved wiring and a custom watercooling loop, this build is real eye candy.

    The dude has his own website showcasing some of his other work, worth checking out at Madebykier. Have a gander at this beautiful build out for yourself if you haven't already, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Default Re: Modding: Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Kier

    Awesome mod!

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    Default Re: Modding: Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Kier

    ditto, absolutely awesome!

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    Default Re: Modding: Silverstone TJ11 Carbon by Kier

    yep, that is pretty fricken sweet
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