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Thread: Almost done, just need a CASE

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    Default Almost done, just need a CASE

    Alright i bought everything but the case now and i made some minor changes here and there... here is the set up (and i can't make my own case because i don't even know how to start and i'm scared to hell of messing it up!)

    Proc.: AMD A64 X2 4800+
    GPU: ATI X1900XT
    PSU: Silverstone Zeus 650W (teehee, it makes me happy)
    RAM: Corsair 4X 1GB Twinx ddr 400 pc3200
    MOBO: DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR ATI crossfire
    HDD: 2x seagate 160GB...blah

    I think i got everything, But now i need a case...i'd like water cooling but i don't even know where to start...i looked over tutorials and stuff and its confusing me to all hell, i've been staring at this crap forever now and for this one thing i'd like somone to kind of do the work for me and tell me what to get. PLEASE.

    So Yea... water cooled case no higher than like $350-$400 i guess?

    Or at the very list, point me to a good case with nice cooling capabilities and tell me the best fans / air cooling i can get for everything in the compy. I don't care how much sound it will make, i'd trade noise/comfort level over performance any day. But quieter is better of course.

    Thanks agaiiinnnnn hopefully i'll finally finish this damn setup.

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    Default Re: Almost done, just need a CASE

    they have a huge list of cases. choose some and post what you like.
    here's a couple of the top of my head that I like
    Thermaltake armor its set up for water cooling but its pricey.

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