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Thread: Laptop randomly shutting off

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    Default Re: Laptop randomly shutting off

    I don't mean it being clear all the time, but rather providing a energy increase of type, leading to the pc concluding down as a failsafe to avoid harm. I'm no pc wiz, so I'm more providing some thoughts on what to look for.

    You could try operating the pay on without having battery power in and based completely on the automobiles, and seeing if it continues.
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    Toshiba Satellites are built (mostly) by Quanta; they invariably use the thermal pastes and application methods recommended in the Intel/AMD datasheets, the stock TIM is actually marginally high grade but you could easily do better. I doubt top-tier TIM would see a ~10C improvement, but it should knock a handful of degrees off fairly easily.

    Dust and obscured intake/exhaust flow are the big offenders (and didja know the main air inflow is underneath your keyboard?), even a theoretically 100% thermal-efficient heatsink system on the processor is still going to be bottlenecked by the amount of heat it can actually move out of the system. There are aftermarket upgrades, the better ones use beefier fans and ducted airflows, impact on battery life tends to be minimal.

    A lot depends on your use, how hard you're pushing the processors and graphics, laptops aren't very robust so they need to be allowed to cool down. Using the machine on your lap often accelerates overheat. Find out where the air gets sucked in and blown out and don't block those areas.

    You could try underclocking a bit. Don't charge and discharge the battery simultaneously. Turn off WiFi, BT, and USB peripherals when not actually using them. More power use equals more waste heat, even the little stuff adds up.
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    Default Re: Laptop randomly shutting off

    OK, except for that spammer a couple pages up, I've made some bigger holes for better airflow.

    Actually, I'm getting another laptop of the same family from a friend. So I'm going to be parts swapping soon
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