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Thread: Changing Mouse LED from red to blue

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    Default Re: Changing Mouse LED from red to blue

    Erm, you might want to get a professional to take the photos... Can't see that LED very well.
    Having said that, if you can remove that small PCB containing the LED, it should be pretty straightforward. Just be sure to get the new one the right way round. Look inside the LED to see the internal construction, there's one large piece and one small one. Get the new one the same way as the old one and you will be fine.

    Oh, and welcome to TBCS.

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    Default Re: Changing Mouse LED from red to blue

    as long as you can get the pcb out its very easy to change the LED, I did it to my friend's mouse today in fact!
    Can you solder at all? if not its very easy to learn.
    As for getting the LED are about the best for small quantities.
    Oh and welcome to the forums!
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