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Thread: Computer in Xbox case

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    Default Computer in Xbox case

    im planning on putting a computer in my xbox case. any ideas and or suggestions. tell me what you think about it also do you know of anyone else who has done this. ive only found one good example of one on the internet. it was at

    what i mean by putting a computer in the xbox case is im going to take the xbox apart take everything out of it and put computer parts in it like a computer motherboard, powersupply and so on. im even going to try to put an ati radeon 9800 pro in there haha its going to be hard

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    Default Re: Computer in Xbox case

    Yes, It's been done. Here is an example:

    But if I were you, I wouldn't let this stop you. If you want to put a pc in your xbox then go for it.

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    Default Re: Computer in Xbox case

    Yes i have seen that and i know its been done i said that in my post i was just wanting ideas and or suggestions maybe advice on what type equipment to put in it. Also that computer sucked i want to put a decent computer in mine that at least has windows XP and a decent graphics card.

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    Default Re: Computer in Xbox case

    the biggest problem i see with useing the Xbox case is cooling but if you go liquid you could prolly run just about anything in it its a huge case for a consol just go with a nice micro ATX mobo and i dont see there being any space issues but its been a while since i took my Xbox apart so i cant say for sure just measure measure again and of corse double check your measurements
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    Default Re: Computer in Xbox case

    There should be plenty of room for cooling in an Xbox - remove the top jewel and add an intake fan, and just make sure that you have ample exhaust fans on the back. You can even cut out the lower grooves on the sides to allow for more air flow.

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