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Thread: Local highschool shut down

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    Default Local highschool shut down

    Jeez, my local high school was shut down until Wednesday after 29% of it didn't show up for three days straight. Apparently an epidemic hit the school. I don't actually attend my Town's highschool so I'm mostly getting 3rd party news like you, or exaggerated statements through my friends.

    — With the flu hitting much of the student body and faculty at Grafton High School, administrators dismissed school at 11 a.m. yesterday and opted to cancel classes Monday and Tuesday.

    The cancellations are for the high school only. Superintendent Joseph F. Connors said yesterday morning that it became necessary to call off school when a large number of teachers and support staff called in sick. He said those who were out included 23 teachers, six support staff members and four custodians.

    “We’re not only canceling school, we’re also canceling all athletic and extracurricular activities,” the superintendent said.

    Grafton High’s scheduled football game for last night, against Leicester, was rescheduled to Nov. 17. A Destination Imagination conference will not be held. Mr. Connors is stressing to high school students that they stay away from one another and from younger students they may encounter.

    Parents were notified of the changes by automated phone messages and e-mails. Mr. Connors was in touch with state health and education officials.

    “It just seemed to overtake us at this point,” he said.
    It's like JFK announcing the moon mission. He had no expertise in space travel, and no way of knowing if it would work. He just announced "we're going to the moon" and then they made it happen because everyone was on the same page and working towards the same goal. If he had said "well, let's get some people in space, and we'll see how far out we can get, and if I find someone to make a rocket strong enough, we could possibly approach the moon's orbit and maybe land" it wouldn't have happened.

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    Default Re: Local highschool shut down

    I caught it bad myself man. I am just now getting over it, it was pretty nasty. I have a pretty strong immune system, I almost never get sick, but this knocked me down big time. And what perfect timing too
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    Default Re: Local highschool shut down

    Grafton? *perk* I've been to a town called Grafton in West Virginia lol

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    Default Re: Local highschool shut down

    yea I saw that in the news today as well. kinda scary. I'm just coming down with something now, been stuffed up all day. I rarely get sick though, and when I do it only lasts for a few days. hopefully this will only last a few as well

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    Default Re: Local highschool shut down

    It's actually amazing that it spread that effectively even if everyone was confined to a small area...I wonder what the common contamination point was? Door knobs?
    I'll procrastinate tomorrow.

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