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    I have a friend in Taiwan who works for a business that sells touchscreens of all sizes. I wanted to buy one, and if I buy in a larger quantity they're cheaper. So I was wondering if anyone is interested in one. I was planning to get the 12.1", but they have 9" and 10.4" as well. I believe they cost like 300 for a sample the 12.1". If you're interested I can provide additional info.

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    No offense mate but that price is pretty steep. I contact Lilliput a while back about 12.1" touch screens and it was around $145

    Thanks for your inquiry of our goods which are are the earliest factory in mainland China to produce and export lcd products since 1995. Be sure of our top good quality and reasonable price can meet your request.
    I check your inquiry in details,glad to know you are in market for the LCD Module.
    The lcd module: tft lcd digital panel +PCB (with A/V & VGA input) + touchscreen panel,most of our customer use our products for your project application as following:
    1.Industrial equipment, Industrial control System
    2.Special vehicle(such as police vehicle, military industry ,Money-carrying vehicle)
    3.Medical equipment
    4. Apparatus & insturment
    5.Corollary equipment
    6.Built-in display system
    7.Other LCD Applications.
    The function for the lcd module as following:
    full-function infrared remote control
    touch control (optional)
    multi-language OSD
    input terminal:A/V input,VGA input,
    Color systemAL/NTSC/SECAM
    Touch screen driver interface:USB or RS232 interface (optional)
    Built-in Speaker (optional)

    We have 7" 8" 10.4" & 12.1" lcd module for your choice, the technology data for the sizes we have is following:

    TFT lcd high ratio contrast brightness viewing angle
    size resolution aspe cd/m2 L/R U/D
    12.1" 1280x800 16:9 500:1 250 40/40 20/40
    10.4" 800X600 4:3 500:1 350 50/50 35/35
    8" 800X600 4:3 500:1 350 70/70 50/70
    7" 800x480 16:9 500:1 300 70/70 40/60

    The best price for lcd module with tocushcreen for each size FOB XIAMEN in USD as following:

    12.1" USD145
    10.4" USD150
    8" USD122
    7" USD120

    Best Regards.

    The Mansion of Optoelectronics, Hengsan Rd., Lantian Industrial
    Zone,Zhangzhou Fujian,China
    TEL:86-596-2109661 2109662 ext 8012 FAX:86-596-2109611 Mobile:86- 13709370110
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    Default Re: Capacitive TouchScreen

    You should inquire whether they are resistive or capacitive.

    Edit: I don't believe they are.

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