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Thread: New modder...Info on tools and how-to's....pls....:)

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    Smile New modder...Info on tools and how-to's....pls....:)

    Hi everyone, I am definitely new to this, but would definitely appreciate any info and tips on what to do, as well as what not to do on modding a case.

    I am thinking of getting into just customizing a side panel, then if I get good at it, then I may move into some more daring projects.

    My questions are:

    - what tools to use, what to avoid...
    - materials needed, average costs, best places to acquire said materials....
    - lighting, using plexiglass?....
    - how to set up, finishing touches...

    thanks in advance to any suggestions.....

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    Default Re: New modder...Info on tools and how-to's....pls....:)

    About 3 days ago I started my first panel cut, so I am pretty new also. The best advice that I can give is get Paul Capello and Jon Phillips's book Maximum PC Guide to Extreme PC Mods (currently going for $10.94 in That is what got me going.

    As for the tools you need. It depends on what you want to do. It NEVER hurts to have too many tools but you don't need all of them right away. In my situation, I was cutting a metal case. Tools need were a jigsaw with metal cutting blades (18 tpi). Don't get the cheap stuff, they will break. I already knew that from experience. Some files for the rough edges left over from cutting. Some painters tape for two reasons: so you can transfer the pattern on to the tape and so it keeps the jigsaw from scratching the surface (especially helpful if you don't plan on painting it). A drill and some for starter holes. And last but NOT least: GOGGLES. It is pretty much common sense to use goggles when using power tools but SERIOUSLY. Wait until you see how much metal is flying back up at your face. There are a few threads in here that you can check out about the eyeballs losing the fight to metal splinters or smaller.

    The other best tool is the people on this forum. These guys are unbelievably helpful. The only dumb question is the one not asked.

    Good luck and what do you have planned on doing?
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    Default Re: New modder...Info on tools and how-to's....pls....:)

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people... and there's plenty of us around on these forums =P
    PC1972 pretty much has it all down there do you, all i can suggest is read lots of tutorials and worklogs (not necesarily from here) and practice a little before you start digging into your case.
    As for cutting a window into a case, you can practice using a dremel if you like, which will aid you a lot on more intricate designs. (i prefer a jigsaw on straighter lines).

    And i hope you have fun modding!

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