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Thread: First few mods on computer! PICS! What do you think?

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    Default First few mods on computer! PICS! What do you think?

    Hi, ive been working on my computer trying to mod it more and more lately. I have pictures of what I have so far. I dont have much, so any advice on my next mod would be awesome!!

    Those are all the pictures I have for now. I'm going to get some custom grill for the top exhast fan (doest have one now).

    Look at the picture of the front without the cover. It has 2 holes where fans would go. Im thinking I should get two of those side fans, and bolt those in there, and cut the holes in the front where the fans would be, and mold them into the case. so it will be like 2 front exhaust fans.

    But the problem is the buttons. The buttons to turn on and off the computer are there. But lucky for me those buttons are like a seperate peice, the little rectangle there attached to pops out! I think im going to get a new type of switch and mount the switch on the top of the computer! Good Idea??

    What do you think? Im getting a REALLY nice fan controller with a huge LCD that shows the temp of my harddrive, the temp outside, time, date, and controls 8 fans digitaly through software on the computer. It also has an overheat alarm.

    I want this computer to be fans fans and more fans. No water for me, I want it too be MAJORLY vented! So where else could I put fans from what you can see?

    PLEASE COMMENT, please dont make fun of it, its my first job. mad ALL from scratch.

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    Default Re: First few mods on computer! PICS! What do you think?

    good job; however, it needs some painting in the space inbetween the case side, and the face plate. and try changing the rear fan to an exhaust fan aswell, its typically better to have more exhaust fans that intake. keep up the good work!

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