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Thread: ATTN TBCS IRC crew

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    Default ATTN TBCS IRC crew

    yea ive kinda forgotten about this side of the internet but i stumbled accross a load of funny pics last night and saw 1 that immediately reminded me of you guys. <3

    Any1 who never spent time in the TBCS IRC when it was about wont get this quite as much

    But guys im afraid we were wrong IRC is not >*
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    I'm starting to worry that I may become genuinely funny at some point. Then there will be no hope.

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    Default Re: ATTN TBCS IRC crew

    those r kinda small.. needs more spaces...

    / /( . Y . )\ \

    heheheh boobies
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    I wouldn't be surprised if somebody sigquotes part of this.

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    Default Re: ATTN TBCS IRC crew

    man our IRC times were fun

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    Default Re: ATTN TBCS IRC crew

    irc ?

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    Default Re: ATTN TBCS IRC crew

    Quote Originally Posted by gamer_from_aust View Post
    irc ?
    acronym for "Internet Relay Chat". Pretty much multiplayer notepad.

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