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Thread: Ebayers Anonymous!

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    Default Ebayers Anonymous!

    I'm here because i have an addiction to ebay. When i patrol the pages of ebay all i see is deal after deal. Natrually i want whatever is up for auction if i deem it a good deal wether or not i need it. In the last 2 months i have spent over $1,400 on ebay items. This does not count what i have spent at other online retailers.

    I'd like to take this time to list the deals i've gotten. Starting from most recent.

    Diamond 3870X2 (a second one) $247
    Onkyo 7.1 theatre reveiver $246
    FTA Satellite receiver $51
    Hitachi 750Gb sata2 $151
    Two X1900 512mb $77
    PCI fan $21
    512mb PC2100 $19
    Hitachi 400Gb sata $61
    512mb PC133 $27
    Coolermaster 750watt PSU $120
    Intel Q9300 processor $320
    Diamon sound 7.1 sound card $28
    Diamond 3870X2(the first one) $394

    Is there anyone else who suffers from this disease?

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    A while back, we bought a pool table. We've also got a didgeridoo, a drum set, some games and some other stuff. We like ebay round here.
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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    i did when i first signed on, but its done with.

    you go ripped off, well maybe not ripped off but close, with that 750gb Hitachi hard drive, pending on when you got it.
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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    All I've used it for was to purchase some flags and one pretty rare manga (well, rare in the US).

    All were under $15.

    But I love to browse eBay. =D

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    I have a friend who is also addicted to ebay. He is actaully trying to borrow money from me to buy ebay items.

    Spawn, all the prices i gave included shipping and is my total price. Some items might have brokerage fee's which will bump em up a little but it shouldnt be too much.

    My name is J-Roc, i am addicted to Ebay.

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    I tried getting an 8GB Zune off tehre but they all went for 10%+ over the retail price, lol. Then again, I tried for maybe a couple weeks and then gave up. Ah well, I don't have enough money.

    On anotehr note, I should start selling things on there now that I have a good camera and some more time.

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymouse!

    I tend to buy stuff that I can get when I go on ebay. I've bought probably at least 100 items from there. I'd buy a lot more if O was over 18.

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymous!

    Let's see, in the last two weeks...

    Two PicoPSU 90's for upcoming mods
    Three Dynatron heatsinks for mobile Intel chips
    Fender Vibro Champ XD(20% off coupon, free shipping, and 6% ebay cash back deal made a $250 guitar amp drop to $186)
    Three mini-PCI wireless G cards for some embedded setups
    RP-SMA pigtails for hooking external antennas to the above cards
    2x2GB SODIMMs for another project
    Line6 Variax Workbench

    Had my tax "rebate" still unspent, so I splurged a bit.

    Still have a $10 off shipping coupon to use before midnight, but I haven't found anything that really caught my eye.

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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymous!

    I still buy the occasional item off of Ebay, but it's always the Buy It Now stuff, no auctions for me. I hate it when people say "Man, that's a really great deal on Ebay" when the auction still has three days to run. I don't care if it's got three MINUTES left, that price means exactly nothing.

    Tell me how much you want for it and I'll tell you if I'm willing to pay that much for it. Transaction over. Life is too short.
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    Default Re: Ebayers Anonymous!

    I just bought a part for my RC car that I couldn't find anywhere else! thanks, ebay!
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