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Thread: how to share hdd led in case with multiple devices

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    Default how to share hdd led in case with multiple devices

    I have a case with a single led to show hdd activity. I want to share this led with the motherboard as well as an add-on IDE controller card that I have that has a led connector. How do I do this? Thank you.

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    Default Re: how to share hdd led in case with multiple devices

    ...hmm... you could just splice the wires that come from the mobo and the ctrler...but i don't know if the plus signals will like each other..soo... i would find 2 small rectangular leds, same color or different, put them in one small enclosure and voila... it looks like 1 led, but it will flicker more! (idea came from my own case... it had that weird arrangement of power/activity leds so it looked like one single one with two colors... weird... red and green... the effect was that it seemed thare was just one led and the circuits were clean and functional...till i striped it hahaha )

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