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  1. Re: TBCS Charity Raffle. Helping one of our own in a time of great need.

    You can count me in as well. I may not have been as active as I used to be but things are about to change. I think all of the TBCS family can blow this out the water for PLAR.
  2. Re: Best Buy to Customers: "Linux voids HARDWARE warranty"

    mine as well
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    Re: This is my best friend...

    And one hell of a friend he is. I wish him the best of luck and a safe return.
  4. Re: Best Buy to Customers: "Linux voids HARDWARE warranty"

    Actually the Best Buy that is closest to me will actually hire people for the geek squad. I know this as a friend of mine got a job with them. I grew up with the guy so I know him fairly well. I...
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    Re: Avatar - Good? Bad? Meh?

    The animation ad effects were beautiful but i kinda found the storyline a little lacking. other than that I say go watch it.
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    Re: best fan filter?

    ima throw one in here. this is by far teh best thing i have used is the swiffer sheets you use on the hand broom things. i took one and put in over the hole and bolted the fan too it. then spray it...
  7. Re: Looking for good gaming laptop/mobile desktop replacement

    i got a Qosmio x305-q706 and its only dual core 2.2 cpu laptop with 4gb of ddr3 and 1gb 9700gt. runs everything fine for me. also if you go with the qosmio it has an option for a second hdd. I got 2x...
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    Re: Shell Replacements

    looks clean. goign to have to check it out and see if it will work for win 7
  9. Re: Possibly the greatest music video of all time - and it ISN'T Beyonce....

    I dont know about greatest. I love the muppets and I really love Queen. I put Queen first and to me the muppets butchered the song.
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    Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest: Winner!

    congrats man. your pumpkin was awesome
  11. Re: D_Stilgar's pumpkin carving fun (Warning: gruesome pictures inside, no seriously)

    ouch. that looks rough man but I have faith you will survive. well that you dremel hand?
  12. Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest hosted by D_Stilgar.

    ok technochicken that is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I love it.....
  13. Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest hosted by D_Stilgar.

    would you be talking about the pixels in the bottom right hand corner of the paper? hehehehe. They look pretty clear cut to me.
  14. Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest hosted by D_Stilgar.

    I agree on the yearly thing. I have to say oneslowz28 all of those look awesome. good job.
  15. Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest hosted by D_Stilgar.

    Well here is my entry for this. Kinda proud of it as this is my first time carving a pumpkin (pretty sheltered chiildhood) and especially doing it free hand.
    with flash...
  16. Re: Toasting pumpkin seeds? Whats your fav recipe?

    The way we always did it was take a little butter, melt it, and then spary over the seeds and then sprinkle cinnamon sugar over them before baking.
  17. Thread: Salvia

    by BerticusPryme

    Re: Salvia

    I was talking about prescription drugs as being taken responsible as well as things in mothernature. I dont condone drug use at all from what I've seen in my life. Yes the experiment was flawed, yes...
  18. Thread: Salvia

    by BerticusPryme

    Re: Salvia

    Drug use is one of the things I hold near to me. Not becasue of use but of effect. I lost quite a few people in my life because of drugs. Both of non-prescription abuse and prescription abuse. I am...
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    Re: It's good and it's bad...

    I hear you all on this. My oldest daughter is 7,the middle daughter is 2 and my youngest will be here any day now. I miss the little sqeally baby noises and the gibberish but I love watching them...
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    Re: Just seen Zombieland

    yah the music is pretty on par with what they have been showing in the commercials. Also I mean the F-bomb is one fo my favorite words but yeah this movie has excessive obscenities in it. As far as...
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    Just seen Zombieland

    Well last night my friend comes by and kidnaps me and tells my wife and kids i will be back later. WE ended up going out of town for a few drinks and seeing some other friends before going. I have to...
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    Re: eb games riped me off again

    yeah gamestop/eb games has went downhill. I preordered a Nostromo N52 from them and waited and waited. It never showed up. Well ater a month or so went by I went to best buy and it was on sale there...
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    Re: The Cleveland Show

    yeah I jsut finished watvhing it as well. I was not impressed. There truly is nothing to see here. move along people.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Crimson Sky

    Happy birthday man. May your dremel run steady and true.
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    Re: VooDoo sucks

    Yeah same goes with alienware. back in the day they were great pcs. Now since being aquired by Dell it looks like there prices have gotten higher and the gear not so much.
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