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    Odyssey into Water Cooling

    Hey guys, I'm looking into getting in the water cooling scene. I have a basic idea of what I'm doing, just need some advice of the best components that I can get.

    Right now I'm going to get a...
  2. GoVideo Wireless DVD Player / Media Receiver $87

    This is an incredible home media device. Best price I found is double as much. Only 26 left as I write. Good luck! Oh yeah, check out the PCMCIA slot on the back of this thing. Check out the stats:
  3. *DEAD*OOS Philips MMS460 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers $20 Shipped

    Philips 5.1-Channel Computer Speakers for $20 shipped offers the Philips 5.1-channel Computer Speakers, model no. MMS460, for $49.99. With free shipping. The MMS460 features a 30-watt...
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    Feature : Re: Watercooling Manufacturers listings

    what about XSPC, great products just hard to get unless your in the UK
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