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Thread: How do you cut thick panels?

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    Default How do you cut thick panels?

    I want to mod this industrial case, but some of the panels are a bit thick. I also need to make a long, straight cut.

    any suggestions?

    If I had a table saw (I do not.) I would get some blade for cutting metal. The cuts are long enough that if I went with the nibbler, I could finish sometime mid-year 2012 if I start today. With the dremel and cutting disk, I'd need to buy cutting disks in bulk, and possibly some new motor brushes by the time I'm done.

    Is there any way to get very straight cuts with: hacksaw, sawsall, or other way? (no, I don't have a laser) (think 3 foot long cut on a 4x3 foot panel of 18ga? steel.)

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    Default Re: How do you cut thick panels?

    I've used electric nibblers (the also make pneumatic ones) which make quick work of cutouts but for maximum fun, nothing beats a plasma cutter.

    You can buy or rent them or take it to a local shop to have them cut-it for you.

    Regardless of the hand method, you'll likely want to get it close and then clean it up with a file.

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    Default Re: How do you cut thick panels?

    Thanks - I'll have to see what the local metal shops will charge for a few cuts with plasma. It seems like that's really the way to go for this one.

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