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    Plus when you use one of the double speed routers it uses up nearly twice as much of the available band. My neighbour has one of them and it interferes with my regular g router to no end. I want to strangle him because he refuse to disable the high speed or change his frequency to one end of the spectrum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R/C Pilot
    I will be moving to a dorm next year and if I want wireless I have to provide my own router. Which would any of you recomend?
    Currently G is the standard king, but you said your going to move in next year. Your school hwoever probably already has a A\B\G network on campus but if you want your own personal network you can see what the technology will be by then, Im going to say that G will no longer be the standard next year, but that might not happen. I would simply wait until the last possible minute, there are always rebates and sales on wireless networking in your local circular so don't buy one now for next year.

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    You can always buy this year's model next year, making it last year's model. That would cut prices down too.

    Anyone have signal strength issues with G? Even 10 feet away, my laptop gives me a no connectivity issue. I've also seen this with other machines. Not a concrete building, and no unusual power draws from other equipment. It's funny because in one case, a machine 30 feet away was getting 100%. This is all with D-Link equipment.
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