I've seen a couple of non-pc related mods here.. calculator mods, paint jobs.. so i wanna add my own 2-3 week long free time consumer..

this is my phone.. or what it looks like when it's new:

..after some remodeling.. (sorry for the bad pics.. i used another phone and had no real camera available for the time being):

what did i do to the poor thing? well, i dismantled it, sanded every part i hated, cut away the round button in the lower corner, removed the stupid sticker with quick share, filled the gaps and then sanded some more.. then i painted the phone black.. cleared.. sanded.. painted.. cleared.. sanded.. 14 layers later, i can see my distorted reflection in any part of the phone

.. i'm pretty much done.. i wanted to add a LED and a push button, make the back more reflective.. but, who knows..

thanks for reading.