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Thread: My new work area

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    Default My new work area

    My girl friend and I have spent about $300 dollars on materials to build our new work area and office.
    That included paint, MDF, trim, screws and border.
    My gf and I needed both an office and a work area so we devised this plan.
    The room (a spare bedroom) is 12' X 12'. We had originally planned to put a
    wrap around work surface...
    but ended up going with an E shaped surface, the middle part holding our
    massive monitors, one in one direction and the other in the opposite direction.
    This arragement works great.
    Will post pics shortly of the whole process.

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    Default Re: My new work area

    First pic was what we originally planned...

    and second was what it evolved into...

    Ok and here's a pic of just starting... Basically I put up 2"X2" around the walls to attach the worksurface to, these were mounted using lag screws into the wall studs.

    Here it is with the first two pieces of MDF cut and checked for fit...

    It's going to have 1/2" wood trim around the edges - so I had to measure and cut for these

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    Default Re: My new work area

    This is showing what the wood trim is going to look like sort of...

    Not a great picture - but shows what the end of the desk is going to look like...

    This is what the three legs at the end will look like. They are cut out of 2" X 10" Pine

    We kind of carried the 'diamond' theme throughout in the legs and shelving

    This is how I'm supporting the desk at the outer corners... 2' X 4" at an angle from the outer edge to the baseboard...

    This is what the outer corner looks like with the trim attached (before painting)

    What the middle leg looked like originally - we changed it shortly to make it look better...

    The desk/work area is starting to take shape...

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    Default Re: My new work area

    Starting the painting... we decided to do a faux finish(?) anyway it is a paint technique that makes it look like old leather - it actually turned out looking great!!!

    Start with the base color, in ours we went with a dark burgandy...

    What the middle leg is starting to look like... I'm beginning to see the fruits of my labor (I'm liking it!)

    Starting to paint the legs...

    And the diamond shape

    Diamond theme carrying through to the shelves...

    Now painted and mounted... one on her side...

    and one on my side...

    Sorry about the blurred pics - still learning how to use the cam and it is very sensitve to movement

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    Default Re: My new work area

    Starting the faux finish...

    Now on the other side...

    some last minute hole repairs...

    A better idea of how the 'leather' finish looks...

    You would be amazed at how easy this technique is...
    Apply base coat. Take a darker color, in our case the chocolate brown we painted the legs,
    mix 1 part dark with 1 part faux finish glaze. roll it on and quickly lay down plastic sheeting
    (all wrinkled looks best) then pull up the plastic sheeting and throw away.
    It comes out looking like old worn leather like whats on old desks!

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    Default Re: My new work area

    The final results... how the desk looks after paint completion, but before the trim was
    attached... Also the last step in this paint process was to apply several coats of clear
    polyurethane (satin finish) to protect the paint.

    And here the trim is attached and looking good if I say so myself!!!

    The middle leg...

    And here's the end of the middle leg...

    What the middle leg looks like with our monitors...

    Pay no attention to the wolf blanket hanging up over the window... we had to block
    the light out before my gf got the curtains sewn.

    Hope ya'll like my little project, it is working out great for us and it was kind of fun to
    work on. Let me know what ya think.

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    Default Re: My new work area

    No one is going to post any comments? Good or bad, I just wonder what fellow modders think of my room mod.


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    Default Re: My new work area

    looks good, but take some pictures so we can get a view of the whole room
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    Default Re: My new work area

    Looks good. Do you find the monitors interfere with each other? I used to have some like that, and when one switched resolution, the other would flicker.

    And I agree, a pic of the whole thing would be nice, if you can get far enough away from it. (smaller pics would be nicer too...)

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    Default Re: My new work area

    Awww, how cute. You made a "his n' hers" And if you get annoyed with each other you can throw up a cubicle! Ok, just kidding. I actually think the desk came out rather nice, good work. I also agree that we need to see some bigger pics showing the whole room.
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