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Thread: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    Agreed, good luck

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    Quote Originally Posted by Newbster View Post
    where did you get those pics from any more info on that sight about weater cooling in that exact case....

    did i misunderstand or where you saying that water cooling rig in your posted pic looked bad?

    heh looks decent to me
    Here is a link to the article, but it isn't a "how to" article. It is an article about a company's product. So I don't know if it will help you much.

    In my opinion, I thought it looked bad. I don't like how the screw heads were visible (sticking out of the mesh). I would figure out a way to mount the radiator (1 240x120 dual radiator instead of 2 singles like in the pic) another way to keep the original look at the top of the case. But that is just me.

    But do what you want to do and go for the look you like. This is your PC after all. Don't forget to post some pictures too! I would love to see a watercooling setup in that case and that killer paint job!

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    Would this turn out looking right?

    I am leaning heavily towards "wanting the inside of my computer to feel like the look of a show cars engine all chrome and what not with flourest type lighting to show it off

    instead of the UV glowey stuff


    conceptual plan for inside look of a computer to look like inside of a hot rod


    a painted PSU I found


    Custom Water block handmade id like to use

    if i cant get my hands on one of the above maybe this and skip water cooling since the conroe is so much more energy efficient anyway can get and maintain 4.0 speed on air anyway

    ignition switch ( power on off )

    Or maybe even a key starter switch /shrug

    I think you get the idea of what im thinking ... any thoughts?

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    I love those parts it will look so nice into that case. Alot of work (fun) ahead of you, can't wait to see the progress

    Edit, maybe you can find a way to mod your Zalman heatsink to make it llok like this

    And maybe sleeve your wires with chrome sleeving or chome pipes

    Anyone who think a computer is sexy need to #$? and fast

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    This has the makings of a great mod.
    Just Stick With it.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    not exactly a show car, but on its way. notice the flanges and linkages of the slant six. maybe you can work in a solid sleeving solution, where you feed cables through solid pipes to their destinatinations.

    run the entire thing off of a 12v deep cycle batt w/ inverter?
    good luck w/ that heh.

    but seriously, i hope to see god things from this mod, lots of potential.

    "you must be the change you wish to see in the world"

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    That is an awesome waterblock, I love the gear design.

    The watercooling picture that was posted isn't soo bad, but in the modding community it's cluttered. The tubes could definately be simplified, as well as a lot of the electrical wires. No need to worry about wire management right now though.

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    Default Re: 1st case mod .. m gonna do it :) WTH

    I have order the case and work will begin soon so i moved this discusion to works in progress... also looking for ideas on doing some scoops on the two side vents maybe if anyone has any ideas ....

    new thread on this link below

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