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Thread: Who can help me with 74LS151?

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    Question Who can help me with 74LS151?

    I try to use a piece of 74LS151 without any other circuit to realize logic function F(ABC)=Σm(2,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,14,15. But I don't have any idea about it.

    I need your detail explaination which should not be complicated.


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    Default Re: Who can help me with 74LS151?

    Your link doesn't work for me, but according to this 74LS151 datasheet you simply attach your logic inputs, Vcc, and GND to the part. Physical pinouts vary between different manufacturers, form factors, and packages, but it's safe to assume that all variants perform the same logic functions the same way and are essentially interchangeable.

    There's plenty of online circuit schema which involve this (or a logically identical) part, they can be used as a reference for secondary/passive components if you can't find the information on the part datasheet.

    I can't quite follow your math notation, but if you require more inputs then you'll have to cascade several of these parts together. CMOS logic always imposes some drive limitations which might make a multi-multiplexer circuit (and final part count) a little larger than anticipated.

    How much do you understand about electronics and electronic logic circuits? What is your intended application? Can you find anything similar to your project online?
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    Default Re: Who can help me with 74LS151?

    Yes, Your link doesn't work for me also. There are many resources i found on google which help you.

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