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    Okay Guys/Gals,

    I'm trying to replicate the device in this video:

    The problem is I can't find the camera used in the video or what the specs are on it (mostly because I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for)

    Could anyone give me a hand here?

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    Default Re: Night Vision Hack

    So, let's just say that technology has changed a lot in the 7.5 years since he made that video.

    What sort of application are you looking to use this for? With components available today there is a whole host of possibilities beyond what is shown in that video.

    Personally, I'm a big fan of ARM SBCs and Linux, and those are things I am comfortable with, so if I were looking to make a night vision thing the easiest route would be a Raspberry Pi with the NoIR camera module they make for it. Easiest because all the parts are easily available off the shelf and will work with no modification.

    Depending on your background, something else might be easier and cheaper. All CCD cameras sense infrared light very well, so most have an IR filter that blocks most of the IR wavelength light. This keeps the IR from washing out all the visible light, but if you want night vision you want that IR light. In the past I have seen many times where people would carefully sand or peal off the IR filter on CCD modules. The reason I say I would use the RPi NoIR module is because it comes with no IR filter out of the box.
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    Default Re: Night Vision Hack

    Standard photo sensors are very sensitive to infrared spectrum which is invisible to human vision. They typically use an infrared-blocking filter to make captured images look a little more normal, this filter (often a little glass window fitted over the sensor) is easily removed. Even so, they still don't "see" the same spectra the same way human vision does - you can use your cellphone to see active IRLEDs on a remote control, etc.

    The fundamental technology hasn't really changed since that old video was made, it's just smaller and denser and cheaper, now you could mod a much less bulky nightvision-capable camera with similar/better image quality (and longer battery life) pretty cheaply.

    I would look at security cameras as a good balance of performance vs cost, many of them are already rated for <0.2 Lux or so, easily capable of capturing still/video images with weak moonlight. Their modded IR-sensitivity would probably be superior to any other non-professional-grade photo gear.

    Cheapy webcams might be useful (and fun) for experimentation, though.

    You can combine these IR sensors with photo optics (built into binoculars, etc). You refit flashlights with IRLEDs to provide "invisible" illumination. You could even use an IR Laser to spotlight distant targets (very carefully, so you don't harm someone's eyeballs).
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