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Thread: Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

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    Default Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

    I guess this is one for emulation. Which treasured racing gaming experiences, cabinet, console or PC, can you recall from the pre Gran Turismo days?

    B&J Atari VCS

    Bump N' Jump Firebird

    Namco Rally-X

    Vigilante 8 2nd Offense

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    Default Re: Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

    OK, a littel older than the '80's, but my first racing game experience:

    Night Driver!

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    Default Re: Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

    The first I played, I really do not know. It was some generic DOS racing game...all I remember was a red car and green grass on either side of the track. My dad had it on the computer in his classroom, and sometimes when I would visit him when he was working late I got to play it.

    The first I owned, I'm gonna have to go the other direction than Airbozo..

    The Need for Speed SE : 1996

    Though, that being said, I think I got it in ~2000...bargain bin at Staples! Woo!
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    Default Re: Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

    Hell, I was driving a disgusting little car called a "Cricket" back in 1982. Then I "upgraded" to an even junkier (but still mostly self-powered) VW Bug which somehow survived WWII. Then a repulsive junky Volvo station wagon thing (which my friends mockingly referred to as the rotten banana, due to its urine-yellow paint and cheap fake wood trim). The last was the worst, speedo was actually a red piece of plastic which moved sideways along a dimly calibrated gauge, and the 4-speed stick required some bizarrely illogical and painful convolutions to switch through gears. Although the banana did come with FM radio, lol, amazing. And you could usually manage to roll the windows back up if you were faster than gravity.

    Driving games/simulators of the 1980s were, for me, nothing but pure bliss and joy when compared to real driving.
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    Default Re: Racing like it's 1982! (^-^)

    I got obsessed, and very very good at Moto Racer. It's still one of those racing games that just feels good to play. It came out right around the same time and the first Gran Turismo.

    Mario Kart 64 was my game. My gf at the time was the best player in her house, but she never beat me. I think that made her mad.

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