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Thread: How much PC is enough?

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    That's a pretty nice chart to have. Looks a lot like the Excel spreadsheets I put together when doing builds (though I include pretty much everything you mention above). The one thing that it is missing for me is the ability to specify a tax rate. It would be very simple to add a box at the top next to the country selection that let you specify the percentage of tax for your given country/state/province. When I do a build I want to know what exactly will have to come out of my bank account. The only other thing I calculate into the cost of the part is shipping but that's overly complex, and beyond the scope of the guide's intent I think, as it means knowing who's shipping the part, where it's going, customs fees, etc.

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    My thread came back to life!

    Quote Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
    I found this most excellent site and it seems relevant to topic (and this topic itself gets reincarnated at TBCS often enough anyhow): Logical Increments - PC Buying Guide.
    Based on that "logical increments" site, my PC is in the Great range. The only real high performance stuff I have in it is the 32 GB RAM and the 512 GB SSD. The video card is a GTX 650. Time flies, my PC is two years old now. It's all good.

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