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Thread: Airbrushes and compressors?

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    Default Airbrushes and compressors?

    What airbrush should I get and also what compressor should I get?

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    Default Re: Airbrushes and compressors?

    Badger is a recommended company for airbrushes as others have reccomended it to me.
    I have two badger airbrushes, one for general use and spraying solid colors and another for more detailed work.

    If you want to do detailed work, you also need a compressor with a nice, constant flow of air.

    Can you describe what kind of work you will be doing?

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    Default Re: Airbrushes and compressors?

    I will be doing computer mods like you guys have been doing.

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    Default Re: Airbrushes and compressors?

    Paasche is also a good Airbrush Co.
    The compressor can be either a little one made for Airbrushes or a small Garage model, If you get one with a tank the compressor motor only runs till the tank is full (the whole gallon or 3 is up to your preset pressure, normaly less then 60psi), on the smaller ones with out a tank the motor runs the whole time as there is no place to store air. The Garage type compressor will allow you to use bigger air painters (like the sparayers used for painting car bodies), where the little one is limited to just the airbrush. Either way you go make sure you pick up a a water and dirt trap (it's a glass/plastic bowl) that keeps water out of your paint and brush.

    Hope this Helps!!!


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