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Thread: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Whats up Bros!? Im back with another bi-weekly forum update! I Got a solid chunk of update for you on this Cyprus build! I did some panel work on the interior, I made the case more structurally sound. I remade the extension area with cubes instead of MicroRax and it looks cleaner in my opinion! If you want to see live updates from the workshop as I am building check out my Facebook page Clockwerk Case Mods. With having 15 forums to update I try to stay on a bi-weekly forum schedule, staying organized is a huge factor when doing multiple builds and projects and this seems to be working well so I am going to continue to roll with it! Anyway on with some work photos!

    I picked up the last acrylic I needed to make my MB tray and also picked up some 1/4" PETG to make my hand made reservoirs, those will hopefully be in next update.

    I decided that the polished copper actually matched the paint pretty well after testing a few pieces, so I decided I am going to run with that over the brushed copper. I can't help it man I love shiny stuff =D

    I started to make the extension area with my aluminum cubes and 1/4" acrylic. (glueing two 1/8" pieces together) Its solid as a rock now with even less metal framing.

    First I did the front and back.

    Once they were glued I marked the holes for attaching the cubes and I countersunk them with a zero flute 82 pitch countersink. They work excellent on acrylic with a drill press, I highly recommend them.

    I had to router out a 1/8" notch for the one center cube to fit it in the correct place. Worked perfectly.

    Then I attached them to the bottom panel of the top case first.

    After they were on I made the sides the same way.

    Here is a good shot of the zero flute. It really kicks ass, super clean circle countersunk hole.

    Once they were drilled I attached them.

    Now the case is up and very sturdy! I am happy with it now =D

    Next up is make the floor for the top case.

    Trim pieces for the floor and rear panel.

    Glued them on and dropped it into place, fit like a glove!

    Next I slapped the MB tray in and set some parts in to show orientation. It is going to get interesting when I start going into detail mode. I can't wait =D

    Next up was making a IO panel. I cut 1" strips and 7/8" strips and glued them together accordingly.

    I cut the GPU mounting plate and set that into place. What I am going to do is bend the 90 edge of the GPU mounting bracket to 180 flat and screw it right into the plate. You will see what I mean when I do it.

    Last thing I got done was cutting the corners off the top panel to fit the rear panel trim. I somehow didn't get a shot of the whole case with the rear panel trim on but you can check it out on my FB page when you get time, Ill get a couple shots of that up after work today, you will also see it in the next update for sure.

    Well thats all I have for this update. I hope you enjoyed checking out the build progress as much as I love sharing with you guys! Remember to check out my page Clockwerk Case Mods for live updates on my builds and modding projects! Thanks again to my sponsors Cooler Master and, your support is helping to make this awesome build happen! Take care everyone Ill be back with another update in a couple weeks! Cheers!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    This is amazing, I have never considered the possibility of copper and white going together but it looks great and great job on bending it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonerboy779 View Post
    This is amazing, I have never considered the possibility of copper and white going together but it looks great and great job on bending it.
    Thanks man! Yeah my goal is to try and find themes not commonly used, I am yet to see a copper and white one so I am gonna make it happen =D Its a really fun scheme to play with!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    I like the finish you're getting with that countersink. My countersink sucks. I'll have to go look for one like yours.
    I have a hammer! I can put things together! I can knock things apart! I can alter my environment at will and make an incredible din all the while! -Calvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLHarrell View Post
    I like the finish you're getting with that countersink. My countersink sucks. I'll have to go look for one like yours.
    Thanks bud! yeah I love this counter sink, I only have one I got in a lot of used mill bits and couter sinks, I am going to get myself a full set eventually. HERE is a link to google search for them. Check it out.

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    Hey everyone!! Time for another forum update! If you want to catch daily updates check out my Facebook page Clockwerk Case Mods. I usually update photos there either right from the shop or at the end of each work day. In this update I have work on the top pedestal I made to cover the fans in the roof, and I tore the case down to start working in the bottom box. In other news my Cooler Master HAF912 mod Grey Matter is featured in the current issue of Custom PC Magazine in the Readers Drives section! I want to thank Antony and Bit-tech for choosing my build I am very grateful!! Well without anything else on to the update!

    This update is pretty straight forward, one thing first really quick, I painted some fittings and connectors. I will be using white fittings with copper tubing but I plan on using one clear tube between the two reservoirs. With the clear tube I will paint the fittings copper. I will also paint my connectors copper and use white sleeve. I have a lot of white Teleios left I may use that, I did want to use paracord but I am not sure yet.

    Now I'll show you the pedestal. I started by cutting strips for the sides.

    Once they were made I had to tap more aluminum cubes for connecting everything together.

    Then I collected everything and marked the lines to drill and countersink the holes.

    Once everything was drilled I started connecting panels. I love the zero flute countersinks! They make such a clean finish.

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    After seeing that the size was right I ripped to panels to make the grill for the top. I drew out the letters HAF and cut them with the scroll saw.

    Once I did the rough cuts with the scroll saw I came back through with the Dremel :dremel: and cleaned up the edges.

    With the top piece done I got the bottom piece cut out and cut a drop set path around the edge to fit the mod mesh sandwiched in the middle.

    Next I cut the mesh to size and painted it copper. Then I set it into place and glued the two pieces together with the mesh pressed in the middle and cut the excess of the end.

    Now its time to mark the holes for mounting and get it attached!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    When the top was put on, I marked and drilled into the top metal panel to secure the pedestal to the case.

    Then it was time to install!

    I really liked it but I noticed the seams did not line up as precisely as I would of liked, they were off by about 1/2 a mm or a 1/32". I wasn't comfortable with that so I glued the top panel onto the sides. This worked perfectly aside from the fact the some of the cubes are just for show now but I am glad it clean.

    I also opened up the top panel mounting holes a bit so I had some room to play and was able to perfectly center the pedestal on the top. The dremel and mini precision files came in handy for that!

    Now the pedestal is nice and clean and attached perfectly. I am very happy with the final product there. The MNPCtech mod mesh is an awesome look here!

    After that was done I tore the case down and I am now cleaning up the bottom box and finishing the last bit of structure work so I can start the interior. First thing I wanted to do was fiber glass the brackets to fill in all the holes and drill out the only necessary mounting holes. Its still a work in progress and needs some more sanding but once I prime it you will think it was actually built this way.

    I collected materials, mixed up fiber glass bondo and started filling.

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    I filled from the bottom first then over the top and started the never ending sanding process!:lol:

    I filled in some pinholes and some bigger holes with spot puddy. I would of liked to use bondo first but my bondo had sat on the shelf too long and started setting up in the can a little so it was useless.

    I sanded the notches in the edge and kept leveling out the middle.

    I am sitting with this right now. Its a lot of work but it will look great when done, Ill have it finished next update and should have progress on the bottom case interior.

    Thats all I have for right now! These brackets are quite the project but I should have them done in the next day to so and get back to acrylic! Oh also, I should have my 4ftx2ft CNC done in the next couple weeks! I am really happy about that because I will actually be able to use it on this build a little bit, I am thinking about making my custom reservoirs with it! Also, don't forget to check out daily progress on my page Clockwerk Case Mods between forum updates if you would like! Thanks again to my sponsors and thanks to you guys for following the build! Until next time, take care!

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    Default Re: [Cyprus 29] Cooler Master HAF935 : New Build!

    Totally diggin' the HAF cutout on the top. Keep up the excellent work.
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