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Thread: Super short Mobos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konrad View Post
    I believe that wired is inherently more secure than wireless, local storage is inherently more secure than remote storage, and I know I can trust some people yet I will never be able to trust all the people they unknowingly trust. And, oh yes, there are hackers and there are even hackers who work towards criminal purposes. Encryption only buys time and is continually divided by Moore's Law, while data can be copied and stored indefinitely.

    That is, I think anything you store on the internet is basically public domain ... and there's enough fools broadcasting their banking info and secret financial records all over the cloud to ensure a healthy population of hungry sharks will continue to circle around waiting to get another byte.

    I just use the cloud to store unimportant bloat data which I can't be bothered to save locally, burn onto discs, or spend a lot of time sorting through. It's also a great way to make off-site backups, provided you don't mind letting some corporation (which may revise their service terms and ownership at any time, etc etc) hold onto your stuff in some place half-governed by some foreign nation's laws. Joining the smart-dumb terminal trend on a powerfully distributed mobile cloud world is pretty damned handy - what a great place to store my playlists! - but I suspect I won't be the only cynic who holds back where it really matters.

    Now time to put my tinfoil hat back on, before they use microwave emissions start reading/controlling my mind ...
    amen brutha!!! preach on!!!!!

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    Default Re: Super short Mobos

    "Waiting to get another byte"

    I see what you did thar.......
    Two years. They were great. Let's make the next ones even better!


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