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    Hey guys and gals!

    My name is Levi and this is my creation: The FrostByte Computable.
    It will be the most insane computer you will see for a long time with so much technology integrated in it it will take a while to write everything down in this place and explain all the reason behind the specific choices I made so please bear with me

    First the specs:
    Dual Xeon E5-Series
    64GB of DDR3 2000mhz Ram
    EVGA SR-X classified motherboard
    3x EVGA GTX690
    1200W PSU
    1PCI-E SSD
    2SATA SSD's
    10 HDD's
    6x 4K monitors

    Some of the "Extra's":
    Wireless charging
    Full RGB lighting (philips AMBX compatible)
    Custom Passive liquid cooled system
    Custom wireless keyboard, mouse and tablet

    Now we got that out of the way, let me explain why this computer is different from other "computer in table" designs like Red Cross by Harbinger or some of the other mods I've seen.

    The table itself will be a liquid cooled passive heatsink.
    This means the table itself will have a massive 60" radiator connected to all the components.
    Due to the enormous size of the heatsink there are no fans needed to cool this beast.

    The 4k Monitors are actually built from 4 10" 1080p panels and combined using my infiniglass (basically a lens so the borders between panels dissapear).

    The case, monitors and peripherals will be using Phillips AMBX system (please google it if you don't know what it is).

    The peripherals will be using the QI wireless charging standard and the charging pads will be integrated in the desk.

    The mouse will have a multitouch surface on the buttons so you can use swipe functions on all 9 (physical) buttons.

    A couple of pictures:

    Well thats it for now, if you have any ideas please let me know.

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    Good gravy

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    The liquid cooling will be clear so RGB DMX LED's can change the color of the water in sync with the rest of the case (or separately controlled).

    This means it works with music, movies and games too like the rest of the setup.

    I'm still looking for a very clear oil because it cools better and you can overclock the living hell out of this monster! 5GHZ stable dual Xeon would be nice (although it's not possible to overclock them at the moment).

    If you compare the most insane configuration (10k esque) it would still be cheaper than a mac pro and so incredibly much faster it is ridiculous (I came at 12K with only hardware on their website).

    Attached is a new picture with the GPU's (bottom3), PCI-E SSD raidcontroller and soundcard (still one slot empty).

    And what the hell I did a render with red too

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