i did my 2nd "original as in i didnt read a guide, or get inspired" mod.

Its more useful, than for looks really.

I sleep in the same room as my comp (about 5 feet away), and i have alot of lighted stuff (not just case lighting, but my recording gear, razer mouse, and ext. HD)

well i decided to crack open my ext HDD to see if the LED's were freely acsessible (i didnt care about hurting the ext casing, i can get one for 10-20 bucks).

Low and behold, they were wide open, just asking for a little mod!

so with one of my left over switches from Project Quake 3, i soldered in some patch wire, drilled some holes, and now have a nice little switch to turn off the LED's (while hdd is still running)

Im gonna get a tiny project box (might just make one) from R.S., to mount the switch in, and hide some wires.

Ill put pics, and maybe a vid up later