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Thread: Want to make this but I'm a noob

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    Default Want to make this but I'm a noob

    So I found a Nixie Tube Temp setup that I really want to make for my desk but I'm a noob and not good at circutry.

    This is the best one I could find. Heres the link.

    I also found these:

    I will probably work with THarrell to make a case for it but I need someone to help with the cirutry. Either to make it or to help me buy all the parts. I'm sure I can put it together.

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    Default Re: Want to make this but I'm a noob

    I am somewhat familiar with nixie tubes. My brother in law builds nixie clocks. I do know they run on fairly high voltages. You will essentially need a way to drive each pin for the numbers. If you are using an Arduino, I would recommend some sort of decade counter chip. You could then drive a nixie with two pins, and one of those would be a reset. The other pin would pulse the decade counter until the proper pin is on. Should be able to do it at a rate higher than the nixie can react. This is, of course, theoretical. I'm not the electronics genius, but have a good understanding of the concepts.
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