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Thread: Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY

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    Default Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY

    A new story entry has been added:

    [drupal=691]Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY [/drupal]

    By Colin M. Ormsby

    It isn't often we give a frontpage shout-out to a project which seems to be fairly early in the construction stages here at TBCS but the sheer amount of time, money and imagination which has already gone into this utterly breathtaking scratchbuild leaves us fairly confident that this is one project which won't fall by the wayside and end up incomplete. Three screens, huge amounts of fabrication and some nice custom parts are just the start for ARTbyTROY....

    If you are yet to stumble across this worklog chronicling one of the largest scratchbuilds I've seen to date, it's well past time you got caught up. ARTbyTROY is undertaking a custom build the size of, well, a pinball machine.

    Starting with some well spent time planning in Sketchup, Troy has his blueprints ready for what will become a colossal custom build....

    You have to have something to look at while you play pinball - all the flashy lights and cool sounds - well it seems we're going all digital and Troy wasted no time in tearing apart what appears to be a perfectly good, brand new television set....

    Of course, as with most custom builds we see here at TBCS there's always room for an extra LED or two. Strips of SMD LEDS seem to be the order of the day. Think this'll be enough???

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    Default Re: Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY

    A worthy front page addition! congrats!
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    Default Re: Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY

    Great write up and excellent choice of mods to feature! Troy really is blowing us away here...
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    Default Re: Troy's Pinball by ARTbyTROY

    Congrats Troy!
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