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Thread: Support John Hanlon PC auction!

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    Default Support John Hanlon PC auction!

    By Kayin
    TBCS (and many other places) member John Hanlon lives with mesothelioma, an incurable form of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. He went many months with no income until last month, when his disability finally started. As someone who's disabled myself, I know that it's a pittance to live on, and I'm sure that he has many expenses caused by his condition that it doesn't cover properly. But when people out there on the intertubes heard that John needed help, it's been pouring in from across the world.

    John is seen as a mentor to many of us, considering that he's been there and done that (and probably designed) for a massive amount of our hobby. Because he gave so much, to our country, to the hobby, and to us individually, we've decided to give back. We've created a PC with parts from many of the biggest names in modding and we're auctioning it off on Ebay, the proceeds to benefit John.

    Exterior mods done by MNPCTech

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    Default Re: Support John Hanlon PC auction!

    Last I checked highest bid was over $1K

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    Default Re: Support John Hanlon PC auction!

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    Default Re: Support John Hanlon PC auction!

    Thanks Mach!
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    I am friends with john hanlon on facebook, and I am reaching out yet again for him. He is posting that he's fallen twice now, and hasnt eaten for three days. ANYONE that is in his town... PLEASE....if nothing else, Some food, and a quick chat! I am what seems like a world away and stuck with watching him suffer. I can't do it any longer, so I am asking the modding community to once again band together and help this man again!
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