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Thread: White Timantti by Smasher

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    Default White Timantti by Smasher

    By jdbnsn

    I love a good contrast. Light and dark, good and evil, paper or plastic, life simply cannot be fully appreciated without recognizing the beauty of differences. Maybe that is what I love about Smasher. Smasher is a relatively new forum member and if I were to guess by the broken English he is from one of the Latin countries, probably Argentina. Smasher, hehe, what a brute. Don't you just picture a dude with a leather jacket, no neck, and a tattoo which says "suck it" across his bicep? Well you will be surprised if you do. Because Smasher is a man who introduces his case mod project with words like "ideology", "neatness", "extreme beauty", and "sobriety".....well he had me until the last one anyway. Either his vision is one of an artist who strives for the elegance of shape or Google translation went wild with his real intention. The bottom line is, his work delivers what his words promise.

    Our fine Latino (remember, I am just guessing there) friend has put together a very clean design based on a very openly exposed system built onto a fully custom crafted MDF backbone. This project which is designated "White Timantti" (Finnish for White Diamond) may contradict my assumption of his origin but certainly doesn't contradict his ideology. With an overall shape resembling a sail as it's primary skeleton, he cuts and shapes his MDF with care and finds a very clever solution for tucking a thin DVD drive within the thickness of the board itself and mounted on the sail.

    Another addition that to me just screams "neatness" is his solution to mounting a small HDD on the reverse side of the sail using L-angle plastic strips fed through slots cut through the sail. The PSU is also dismantled and all wires sleeved in the standard fashion following with the "ideology" of cleanliness being next to Godliness. Well executed though.

    With the PSU on one side of the sail and the components on the other, Smasher feeds the cables through various slots and a bulk of them curve nicely though what I originally though was a handle to transport the mod with. The flow of the wiring creates a great composition which is not subtle but defines with "extreme beauty".

    Though the components are open to air in the design thus far, additional measure of thermal "sobriety" are achieved with the combination of a peltier with a custom water block/reservoir which he mounts above a radiator framed into the base. His project is unfinished at this stage so it is an excellent opportunity to drop in and make a new friend while watching the visionary "White Timantti" come to life. Just try not to upset Bruiser...I mean Smasher... :)

    Welcome to TBCS Smasher!!!

    "At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost..." -Dante Alighieri

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    Default Re: White Timantti by Smasher

    Thanks guys! I'm just a few weeks to complete the project, I'll be up progress

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    Default Re: White Timantti by Smasher

    Well deserved!

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