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Thread: Modding: "Fallout Cause SP" by Luciel

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    Default Modding: "Fallout Cause SP" by Luciel

    By jdbnsn

    Heyyyyy this is Three Dog coming to you from Galaxy News Radio...

    How are all ya folks handling post apocolyptia today? Listen up people, I know what it's like to out there in wasteland. All alone, nobody special to spend time with, it's hard on a person. Then you come into one of those big cities like Megaton and what's the first thing you do with all your hard earned caps? Well, what happens in Megaton stays in Megaton.

    On another note, just got some news about our friend Luciel from vault 101. Seems he deep-sixed the competition and is puttin' up "the good fight" on the behalf of all you fine inhabitants of the Capital Wasteland. Rumor has it he was recently seen puttin' down some Enclave scum with his latest weapon, a fully customized B-Move Slim II M-ATX low profile case.

    He scored some materials from Flak 'N Shrapnel's over in Rivet City and went to work. While amped on Nuka-Cola and stimpacks he chopped that baby up and kissed it with a groovy paintjob worthy of the wasteland. Word is he's also snagged the Pip-Boy from some bandit and mounted it on the side making his new bombastic think box even sexier!

    Three Dog approves my Paladin friend, three Dog approves. That's all for now people of Capital Wasteland, coming live from the heart and soul post apocalypse straight to your neck of the woods. Bow-wow-wow!!!!!!!


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    Default Re: Modding: "Fallout Cause SP" by Luciel

    Thanks a bunch for this ^^

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