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Thread: A question about combining cases

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    Question A question about combining cases

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone had heard of, or had information regarding combining 2 mid tower cases into 1 single case, kind of like a full tower case?
    I have 2 cases sitting here doing nothing, and since Im going to mod one anyhow, I could save money on buying a full tower by modding 2 cases into one.
    Does anyone think this is possible, or see any problems associated with doing it?
    The only issue I could see right off the top would be motherboard placement, because the mounting holes wouldnt be in the middle or top of the case, it would be at the bottom near where the power suplly of the first case would be. (To simplify things, I was thinking on pretty much cutting the second frame in half to allow the 5.25 mounts, but thats pretty much it.)
    Am I going about it wrong, and should I just cut the bottom off one, the top off another and find a way of matching them together?


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    Default Re: A question about combining cases

    Sounds like a lot of work-could you get pictures? Then we'll have a better idea of what you're working with.

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    Default Re: A question about combining cases

    im doing somthing simmilar but i allready have a server tower but needed more room inside to i put a smaller drive cage in.

    Could you just add an extra drive cage ontop of one case and cover it so it looks stock? That would be my half assed way of doing that if your only looking for extra drive bays.

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    Default Re: A question about combining cases

    if your going to combine 2 cases you might have more luck combining them side by side. A cube style case is pretty stable and looks good. trying to line up 2 partial cases verticaly might be frustrating. Plus you'll have to do something about the side panels. Either make new ones or have seems in the old ones. Don't forget to take into account where the case has to sit. i made that mistake with my last case and had to take the casters off just to fit it under my desk.

    A rought pic might help us a lot in understanding what you're goal is.

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    Default Re: A question about combining cases

    @#$^%%$@ lol
    Thanks Cevinzol, just when I think I have a decent idea, one of YOU guys has to make it better, thus changing all of my mock ups! lol
    Damn good idea, I have another mid case sitting in the other room so I will now take a look at the measurements and see if they are close so I can do a little body work and get this thing goin.
    I can see the benefits of a cube as to a server tower - Lots more room to put fans, plus you still get the bays lined properly for optical drives and fan controllers + other goods.
    Looks like a cube case is in the works. I'll start a worklog with pictures as soon as I get the parts I need to get it started.

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