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Thread: x1900xt ramsinks

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    Default x1900xt ramsinks

    How many ramsinks does the ati x1900 xt have/need....

    I'm setting up a water cooled system and it offers me either 8 OCZ BGA ramsinks with thermal tape or 16 OCZ etc etc... i'm confuseddd.

    Also...the pump to my w/c setup comes in either AC or DC...and i don't know which i am supposed to take. I'm assuming that one of these would connect directly to the wall socket...while the other one would connect to the PSU?

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    Default Re: x1900xt ramsinks

    AC comes out the wall.
    DC comes out the PSU.

    ...i think.

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    Default Re: x1900xt ramsinks're right...DC is powered by PSU and AC through wall outlet..

    I called danger den to ask them about the ramsinks on x1900xt and they just said...errr duhhhh....dunno. And that disappointed me..Lol
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    Default Re: x1900xt ramsinks

    What’s the price jump from 8 to 16 if it’s not a lot id say get the 16 that way you know you’re covered
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